water treatment engineering

under construction!


We are ready to:

Design and/or upgrading of water treatment systems

Industrial chemical softening plants.

Industrial chemical dealkalization plants

Filtration systems and ion-exchange equipment

Dialysis pre-treatment and main treatment plants

Desalination plants

Chlorine Dioxide Production

Steam plants and laundry design

Nitrate reduction plants

Sulphate reduction plants

Ozone Generation Plants

Reacts with water..... problems!



Legionnaires risk assessment according to HS (G) 70

Preparation of log books to record results

Management of water treatment regimes

Presentation and training of personnel to follow regimes

Water Sample Evaluation including silt density index (SDI), saturation indices (LI,

RSI) and simulated expected behaviour


Neroclean  with cooperation with Feedwater could execute risks assesments for Legionella and is authorised to use their specific program, forms and manuals!